STADA exists to attain Sustainable Development Goal 5, gender equality by ending all forms of discrimination, violence and any harmful practices against women and girls in the public and private sphere. Our aim is to empower all women and girls to take full participation in leadership, decision making and economic development. We have a range of initiatives that we put into action to achieve our vision.



To encourage and support academic work that challenges the long-standing, pervasive, and historical gender-based oppressions in society.


To coordinate the inclusion of gender considerations in development planning and to advance the fair political and socioeconomic advancement of women and girls.


1.Adolescent Girls

This program helps adolescent females make wiser decisions in life, put an end to damaging conduct, and regain their self-esteem and confidence. Teenage girls who have experienced emotional trauma can find comfort in our program as it helps girls who are making an effort in life. We teach them basic life skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, career choice and leadership skills.


  • To enable the girls, make good decisions in life.
  • To impart knowledge that guides them in their daily lives.
  • To elevate girls’ voices and ensure girls have opportunity, skills, and resources to advocate for their own empowerment.

2.Teen moms’ empowerment

Teens who are pregnant and raising children frequently struggle to balance their lives at home   and in school. Teen parents are more likely to experience problems with child care, unemployment, poverty, and mental health. For the sake of both the parent and the child's future, it is crucial that adolescent parents receive proper social, emotional, medical, and educational assistance. STADA Kenya is passionate about supporting pregnant and parenting teens who are in and out of school. We do this by taking them to vocational trainings, table banking and entrepreneurship training.


  • To reduce repeat pregnancies among adolescent parents.
  • To empower them and give them the relevant knowledge required to start a business and thrive in it.
  • To further their education and ensure they achieve their dreams.
  • To raise their self-esteem that will make them fit in the society without being stigmatized.
  • 3.Feminist movement building

This movement seeks to abolish sexism, misogynists’ exploitation, and oppression in order to fully realize gender equality in both theory and practice. We achieve this by conducting dialogues and sensitization in schools and communities to ensure that girls and women knows their rights and are able to speak up when being violated.



  • Inform young girls and women on their rights and be able to stand firm to avoid oppressions.
  • To eradicate sexists and misogynists’ exploitations and create a society where girls and women can thrive.
  • To create awareness on the importance of gender equality and convince men to join the movement.

4.Gender-based violence

By addressing the underlying causes and motivators of violence against women and girls at a population level, gender-based violence (GBV) primary prevention programs aim to promote change. We work around all forms of GBV i.e., physical violence, sexual violence, and emotional violence. This is achieved by advocating for implementation of Gender Based Violence policies, sensitization in community and schools


  • Eliminating all forms of violence against all women and girls in the private and public spheres and other forms of sexual exploitations.
  • Eliminating harmful practices such as child early and forced marriage
  • End all forms of violence against girls and women.


  1. Survivors Forum

Survivors of Sexual Gender Based Violence often face stigma and discrimination in the society and this disadvantages for a lifetime. To reduce the stigma, we provide a safe space for women and girls who have been affected by sexual violence to share their experiences and support one another. We initiate Sexual Gender Based Violence prevention and response and document the cases for easy follow ups. Through group therapy sessions we give them opportunities to voice their thoughts and feelings.


  • To ensure survivors of sexual assault have access to services which are responsive and appropriate to their needs.
  • To reduce stigma and give hopes to the victims.
  • Create a space for safe discussions and dialogues.
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