STADA Kenya invites applicants from interested firms(including current suppliers) for prequalification for the supply of goods and services for the FY 2022/2023 as follows:


STADA 001/2022-2023 Building Materials e.g. Electrical, Hardware, Generator spares
STADA 002/2022-2023 Office Furniture ,Fittings and Equipment
STADA 003/2022-2023 Supply of Water & Sanitation Equipment.
STADA 004/2022-2023 Supply of High Nutrition Supplies.
STADA 005/2022-2023 Supply of Relief Food Items.
STADA 006/2022-2023 Supply of Agricultural Inputs.
STADA 007/2022-2023 Supply of Agricultural Tools & Equipment.
STADA 008/2022-2023 Supply of Relief Non-food Items.
STADA 009/2022-2023 Supply of Tents.
STADA 010/2022-2023 Supply of General Hardware Supplies.
STADA 011/2022-2023 Supply of Audio & Audio Visual Equipment.
STADA 012/2022-2023 Supply & Maintenance of Communication Equipment.
STADA 013/2022-2023 Supply of Assorted Airtime Cards
STADA 014/2022-2023 Supply, Installation and Maintenance of electrical accessories and
STADA 015/2022-2023 Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Generators.
STADA 016/2022-2023 Supply of Computers, Printers and Allied Accessories
STADA 017/2022-2023 Supply of General Office Stationery.
STADA 018/2022-2023 Supply of Photocopying Equipment & Accessories.
STADA 019/2022-2023 Supply of Office Furniture and Equipment.
STADA 020/2022-2023 Supply of Uniforms.
STADA 021/2022-2023 Supply of Printed Office Stationery.
STADA 022/2022-2023 Supply of Printed Promotional Materials.
STADA 023/2022-2023 Supply of Pharmaceutical Supplies.
STADA 024/2022-2023 Supply of Medical Equipment & Surgical Supplies.
STADA 025/2022-2023 Supply of Lab Reagents, Equipment & Supplies.
STADA 026/2022-2023 Provision of Car Hire and Taxi Services.
STADA 027/2022-2023 Provision of Consultancy Services.
STADA 028/2022-2023 Supply of Lubricants, Oils, Batteries & Motor Vehicle Consumables.
STADA 029/2022-2023 Supply of Fuel and Lubricants/Tyres and Tubes
STADA 030/2022-2023 Provision of Travel Agency Services
STADA 031/2022-2023 Provision of Security and alarm Services
STADA 032/2022-2023 Provision of Catering Services
STADA 033/2022-2023 Provision of Insurance and Brokerage Services.
STADA 034/2022-2023 Provision of Hotel, Conference and Accommodation Services


Interested bidders should provide:
  •  Detailed profile of the organization, including physical location and details of key Staff.
  • Email addresses and telephone contacts
  •  Full disclosure on litigation/arbitration history.
  • At least 3 letters of recommendation from previous/current clients
  • Certified copy of PIN registration
  •  Certified copy of Valid Tax Complian
Interested and eligible firms can obtain a complete set of documents containing detailed
information on the Prequalification criteria from the physical address here during office hours
from 9.00AM to 4.00PM between Monday and Friday except during lunch time – 1.00PM to
2.00PM, at STADA Kenya.
Tender documents may be obtained from STADA offices during working hours upon payment of
a non-refundable fee of One Thousand Shillings Only (Kshs 1,000/=) in form of bankers
cheque/Mpesa. Confirm the payment details from Marion Awuor via 0791984454.
Completed set of documents sealed in a plain envelop and clearly marked “Prequalification of
Suppliers for the Year 2022/2023” and indicating Tender Name and Number, should be posted
to the address below or dropped into our office at Alendu.


All Documents to be addressed to:
The Tender Committee – STADA Kenya
P.O Box 7728-40100
Kisumu, Kenya
For enquiries, contact us via mail on

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