STADA KENYA, under WASH department  We do drills , handpump repairs and borehole rehabilitation.  Latrines are also dug for the community and you need to follow the procedure and send a requisition letter.  The following are the terms and conditions that should be followed before a well is drilled or rehabilitated.


  1. The land in use must be a community land and the community should have accepted that a well should be drilled/rehabilitated.

  2. The land may be a public land and the government should issue a document to show acceptance of a well being drilled/rehabilitated

  3. if the land is not a public land and you want it to be changed to public land then legal means must be followed.

Requisition letter

  1. Any person, a group or an institution applying for a well to be drilled or rehabilitated must have a proposal letter stating the benefits they will have from it.

  2. They must have a committee that will be in charge of the maintenance.

  3. if it’s a Sacco or women group a certificate must be given (copy)

  4. The letter should contain the number of households to benefit , challenges faced when you go to the nearest water point, how you will  they benefit  and legal documents where necessary

After request procedure

After sending a request via our web site, the applicant will have to wait for further communication from STADA KENYA if he/she/their request has been approved. The organization uses only two criteria in approving the requests, that is:

  1. Urgency
  2. Hospitals and Schools get considered first.

N|B: Kindly upload your request letter and let it be scanned as its supposed to be handwritten.

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