Writer: Tyson Okello

Country: Kenya

Title: Not for the devil

You may tumble

You may stumble

But never let yourself crumble

The world is a better place with you in it

You the flower that make it colorful

The anxiety is lying to you

You are doing great

Remember to breathe

A bad day is only 24 hours

This life is not for the devil, it’s ours

Fully paid for on the cross

Don’t wait until you are empty to fill up again

Take a break, it’s not the same as giving up, it has gains

When things are overwhelming, pause

Don’t spin the wheels without pressure inside

Let it be known to you

That you not alone.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about,

Be kind.

Name: Atupye Tweve

Country: Tanzania

Title: You Not Alone

To the lost soul

of whom the heart is chained,

Spirit squashed,

Mind darkened.

I write to you

who hides behind a mask.

Making them believe

in your false smiles and happiness

not to see a ticking boom

ready to explode.

To the soul

that has lost its way,

Finds no purpose in life.

Seeks healing in livid bruises,

Comfort in darkness

and worth in death.

I see you grief the lose of your loved ones,

Dwelling in the guilt of your choices and mistakes.

I feel your pain when no one appreciates your sacrifices,

The pressure to be great and fulfilling their expectations.

I know your struggles to fit in and longing to be acknowledged.

I’m aware of your sleepless nights too.

I speak to you

Shoot no brains out nor cut any wrists,

Don’t go for those pills nor that poison,

Hang no rope around your neck nor jump down a skyscraper.

Take no life of yours for it’s precious.

Suicide is not the only solution nor is depression a permanent illness.

I’ve seen many surrender

Giving in to depression

Sinking in their emptiness

Blinded by their own choices

of suicide as a solution.

And they caused pain, broke hearts,

Leave puzzle questions and tortured minds,

Broke families and the peace of people

they left behind.

Remember life is a goal

Every step is a challenge.

U drowned in your tears

And lost in your thoughts so long.

But I see you know, you’re worthy.

You’re the light he seeks; the hope she waits.

You’re people’s smiles and my inspiration.

Let it all out, let someone help you

cause we are ready to help.

Be brave and stay alive

You’re not alone anymore.

Writer: Wambui Kariuki 

Country: Kenya 

Title: Twenties, thirties and forties 

The twenties are prime, and enjoyable 

Bitter and sweet 

Loving and heartbreaks 

Friendly and betrayal 

Friends to strangers 

And strangers to friends, 

Thirties will catch up with twenties, 

Asking what they have done  

Why they don’t have cars and big monies 

Thirties will look at twenties and still ask 

Why aren’t you experienced? 

In love, business, education, connections, 

And all that the 21st century has to offer? 

Then thirties will laugh 

Twenties is sad, suicidal and competitive 

The ideas put in mind by thirties, 

Too much pressure 

Twenties, looks for ways to cope 

Twenties allowed depression after that knock 

Thirties, who’s full of ideas, that kill 

Ideas that destroy small efforts, doesn’t see  

Doesn’t see forties 

Forties, being a little bit wise 

Asks thirties, 

Where’s your family? 

Why do you drink all day? 

Was having a car an accomplishment? 

Why are your parents in the mud house? 

That’s forties …. 

Who knows? 

Writer: Atyoung Okumu 

Country: Kenya 

Title: God’s Own Treasure  

Such a beautiful soul 

Created in God’s own image 

A unique being 

A treasured being 

To many, an envy! 

Why do you feel worthless? 

Who said you are useless, 

Meaningless and resourceless?  

Please don’t be hopeless 

You are harmless  

Life is precious 

Though people are malicious 

With gossips so vicious 

Hey, don’t be unconscious  

Gain a courage so ferocious 

You are a gem 

You are a rising star 

You are an angel 

You ain’t alone 

Be strong. 

Writer: Bii Eugene Kipkoech 

Country: Kenya 

Title: My Blankets  

The moaning of my alarm wakes me up every morning,  

My blankets cuddling me up like the love of my life. 

When you love someone, it is hard to say goodbye.  

My blankets are always with me in the dark. 

They gift me warmth in the cold. 

They embrace me when I am in turmoil.  

They love me. 

I know I can tell great stories,  


Write great poems. 

I haven’t written about myself.  

Well, great writers do not write their eulogies, 

Their writings do. 

In the event that I descend to my forefathers,  

I know someone best suited to write my eulogy; 

My blankets. 

They know deep secrets that the dark world cannot tell. 

Currently, nobody knows the stories I don’t write,  

Nobody knows the nights I put full stops and commas to the stories in my dreams. 

Nobody knows the nights I went into commas and poverty almost put a full stop to my self-resuscitation. 

If my blankets could write my eulogy,  

They would not describe the cuddles and warmth they granted me. 

They would describe the birth of my sobbing.  

How I would roar like the one-eyed locomotive and shed tears like waterfalls of River Nile. 

They would describe how I failed studying stress management,  

How I married my problems, 

How I often paid the bus fare to the land of my forefathers and failed to travel. 

They would count one, two, three up to the infinite time I gave up, 

They know my prayers, 

They know how my prayers became a song, 

They were my audience. 

My blankets knew how many times I died at night,  

Rose from the dead in the morning smiling. 

Nobody knew I was a walking dead during the day. 

In the evening, I died once more, 

I died so many times. 

My blankets understood depression is a cold,  

Not a common cold, 

That is why they gave me a warm embrace each night.  

My blankets,  

You have my history,  

You know my story. 

Let me buy a duvet, and start a new story. 

Writings from the heart ♥ 

Do not contemplate suicide, talk to someone. Everything has a solution. 

Writer: Shadrack Adipo Kanjejo
Country: Kenya

You know
It’s not well
What you think !
You need not be hard
On yourself.
These things are sent
Just to try us
And make us stronger.
It doesn’t have to end
In bitterness
In endless tears,
For your beloved
Remember the moments ;
The idyllic ones,
Those that you shared
How you painted
Their frowny faces
With overwhelming smiles
Do you ever recall
The little ones,
Those that yearn to break through
To brave life hurdles
Those that would yearn
To walk your path
These that wouldn’t stop
Listening to your tussles
How you vanquish them
How would it feel to them
Hearing that you owned up?
That it all
Fell short of expectation ?
Oh, you smart one !
Who would rock your clothes ;
Match your peculiar
fashions !
Who would make your folks
The delicacies they enjoyed
’cause of you ?
Who would hum them tunes?
Those that only make sense in your presence
They’ll are not ready
For your absence
For they’re deeply immersed
In your presence
Walk that path, not
Swat that thought yet.


  • Dennis Otieno Ogola September 30, 2022 4:51 am


  • Wambui September 30, 2022 2:48 pm

    The poems are amazing ?

    • Mic Tyson September 30, 2022 5:58 pm

      Poetry to me is a therapy. Great work, I have been healed.

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