Borehole drilling

In drilling of boreholes, STADA in conjunction with LIFEWATER CANADA we are required to drill 2 bore holes per month. This should only take place in places where Water, Sanitation and health and hygiene talks have been conducted. We mainly prioritize where there is no water source around and the people around are in need of water. We also prioritize public places, we do not drill borehole in private properties.We want the community to own the boreholes drilled for them and should be able to repair them without the help of STADA.

Under this project we also do repairs and revival of boreholes, we prioritise drilled not hand dug. We have so far drilled one borehole at Ogenya primary school and have done a total of 20 repairs within Kisumu County.


Upcoming Projects

We are also looking forward to drill boreholes at Lela Health centre and Kakoth village in Alendu.


Water, sanitation and hygiene health talks

Water,sanitation health and hygiene talks are also done in schools and public areas, the main purpose of this project is  to find out where people living in that specific environment get their water from and challenges they go through to access water, where to they deposit their wastes in terms of; do they have toilets within? Do they have sanitary towels? and if yes How well do they dispose them and how can it protect our environment? This project also helps in the identification of where Drilling of borehole, distribution of the tanks and consruction of toilets are needed.

We have done over 430 projects in both community and schools. This project is currently being implemented in Kisumu county and Kitui county. We are looking forward to work in other counties.


Latrine construction

 This project is done to places where there is need of latrine, it is mostly done in schools.


Water tank supply Hand washing stations

We also construct hand washing stations and supply water tanks to schools and community, this project is done to places where there is water catchements where tanks can be used to store water and children or community members can wash their hands to maintain hygiene.

We are looking forward to serve the community as we can.

If you wish to get our services visit our offices or email us at or apply using the following link and will get back to you.

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