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About Us

STADA KENYA: Stawisha Dada

Founded in 2020, Stawisha dada (STADA) loosely translated as ‘thrive sister’ is a feminist human rights organization based in Kisumu County. STADA works to advance the rights of women and girls, and the health of all people.

STADA’s programs and projects are designed to influence change of community members’ attitudes and behavior around issues of gender equality and equity, gender-based violence, and health and well being. STADA therefore uses transformational community-based methodologies in addressing gender inequalities, disparities, power relations and other social factors which perpetuate women’s and children’s rights violations.


A community where girls and women have access to all basic human rights


To promote community Health, Gender Equality, Education And Human Rights among Girls And Women through Evidence Based Advocacy, Community Empowerment, Capacity Building, Social protection and collaboration.
● Feminism ● Excellence ● Inclusion ● Accountability ● Dignity