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Humanitarian Department

Humanitarian Department

Kisumu county has a number of vulnerable households, a majority of them being women and children. Other than facing difficult economic times occasioned by the tough economic times and effects of the global pandemic COVID- 19, Nyando Sub-County which is STADA’s jurisdiction is prone to constant flooding.

The humanitarian department supports the county quick response team to identify the vulnerable and most affected families for rightful channeling of the much-needed help.

The department also offers supplementary support to the needy members of the community, with main focus on elderly widows with grandchildren and complete orphans.

Support to this vulnerable group is provided in the form of food, clothes, beddings, and medical support. The orphans (girls being the primary target) within the school going age bracket are offered scholarships on a need- basis to meet their educational needs.

STADA Kenya also focuses on matters of succession of land, in our area of jurisdiction. Widows are often disinherited after the death of their husbands especially in cases where they do not have children to protect them and that is where we come in to help them navigate the justice system for justice to be realized.  


  • To ensure widows and orphans have access to basic needs including food, shelter, clothing and health.
  • To promote justice, fairness, and equity to widows amidst the cultural norms such as inheritance, and land succession.