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Advocacy and Communication

STADA has continued to position itself as a policy maker in the matters affecting the people of Nyando Sub county and it is for this reason that we work closely with other actors such as the government, the general public, stakeholders and donors to develop policies that work in favor of the women and girls while remaining cognizant of the rights and needs of the men and boys. 

The communication department plays a fundamental role in helping to amplify these policies, capture how the work done by STADA kenya impacts people’s lives as well as call key actors to action on specific issues that require their attention.

This department also focuses on proactive communication through stories, images, and videos to ensure the advancement of the organization’s mission, and vision. 

The Advocacy and Communication department is also responsible for the packaging of messages that we intend to relay to the general public in a simple language for easy understanding. 


Our department’s goals are; 

  • To segment our audience and package messages with clarity. 
  • To clarify the purpose and objectives of the organizations. 
  • To interpret policies and strategies. 
  • To ensure the connection between the internal and external publics is maintained. 
  • To document every activity the organization engages in. 

These we do by;

  • Keeping a photo and video library. 
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters.
  • Social media engagements. 
  • Bi-annual reports.