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Re-Usable Sanitary Towels Production

Menstrual Health Management (MHM) is a key component as far as putting an end to period shame and poverty is concerned. Here we address the myths and misconceptions surrounding well as provide reusable sanitary towels and the disposable ones. This effort is geared towards ending period poverty and ‘sex for pads’ which is the exchange of sex for sanitary towels, this according to our research is the main cause of teenage pregnancies, HIV/AIDs infection and eventually school dropouts. 

These reusable pads have also been the cause of improved hygiene among girls, this has boosted their self esteem and confidence which eventually reflects in their performance at school.   As an organization, STADA produces  reusable sanitary towels which are distributed to young girls and women who are unable to afford the disposable sanitary towels due to their economic status.

STADA Kenya has managed to produce and distribute a record 20,000 reusable sanitary towels since inception. 


  • To reduce school absenteeism by keeping girls in school.
  • To create awareness on menstrual health management, thus reducing period shame.
  • To provide a platform where research on MHM can be conducted, and influence MHM policies.