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My name is Margarete Auma, I am fourteen years old. I study in Nyamware primary school and I am in grade six. I am third born amongst three brothers.

My mothers’ name is Eunice Aluoch Onoka, she is does small business around the lake where she washes fish in small hotels.

My fathers’ name is Peter Onoka, he used to sell illegal alcohol which he later stopped because the police threatened him. He currently does not work. The money my father made from the alcohol he used to send was used on my medication when I was defiled. My mother usually goes to the school and begs the school to allow my brothers to study.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor so that when someone becomes sick around my area, I can be able to help them when they don’t have money for medication.

My name is Ashly Maline, I am eight years old and I stay Migingo. I am in grade three at Nyamware primary school. I stay with my grandmother. I have  a father and a step mother. my biological mother died when I was four months old.

My father used to work as a fisherman which he left the job and started working as a motorist, my step mother does not work and my grandmother is a small scale farmer. The income he gets cannot sustain the family with food and also school fees.

I joined STADA early this year and they are currently paying for my school fees. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher so that I can educate the children in my community.

My name is Peres Auma, I am six years old and I stay in Nyamware. I am in grade one at Nyamware primary school. I live with my mother and I have six siblings where I am the youngest.

My mother works as a small scale farmer. My mother is a widow and this has made it hard for her to sustain the six of us in both school fees and food. We sometimes go hungry and when we are lucky, we only take tea  in the morning and in the evening.

I was recently taken in by STADA organization who are currently paying for my education. My mother is still struggling to pay school fees for the rest of my siblings. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher.

My name is Ronny omondi, I am sixteen years old and I stay in Alendu. I am I form two at Masogo mixed secondary school. I stay with my grandmother Grace Akinyi Odhiambo. I have an elder brother who is in collage. We also live with four of my cousins.

My grandmother  does not work because she is sick. We have always depended on handout provisions this including food and school fees. My  younger cousins and I had no source for school fees since my grandmother does not work.

I was later taken in by STADA organization who now pays my school fees. I also volunteer at the community library during  the holidays.

My name is Fiona Addhiambo. I am seventeen years old. I stay in Migingo with my grandparents where I used to also stay with my mother before she passed away. i finished my class eight in 2021 but was not able to join secondary because there was lack of school fees and I was also helping my grandparents take care of my mother before she passed away.

My grandparents do not work and so they were not able to take me back to school. I met STADA last year and they promised to take me to school. I joined form one in Alendu mixed secondary school, thanks to STADA and I am promising to work hard to make archive the best in future.